Modul English for Business and Intercultural Management

Successful interactions require more than simply good grammar - being able to communicate with others in meaningful ways is based on an awareness of cultural factors and how people make sense of their world.

Prof. Dr. Melanie Moll
Professor of Intercultural Communication


English is the number one language of international trade. A solid knowledge of Business English is therefore indispensable for lawyers who are dealing with issues related to commercial law on a daily basis. The course material will help you prepare for it by focusing on business related topics and presenting the course material in a systematic way. You can practice your communicative skills with a mulitmedia course book. This module will prepare you for the course entitled American Law and Legal English. In addition you will learn about the implications of globalization and the chanllenges it presents to the top management in companies. The module will close with an online-seminar which prepares you for the international seminar abroad.

Studieneinheiten und -inhalte

English for Business I & II

  • Introduce people and companies; create an organization chart; developing business contacts, write business letters, write sales letters and reports
  • understand accounts and balance sheets; describe operating results and trends; react to customer complaints; solicit proposals and submitting offers

English for Business III

  • Learn what to do in typical situations as a business traveller and how to host a visitor to your company; put together a CV and job application

Intercultural Management

  • Intercultural communication (theories, parameters and perspectives)
  • Intercultural management (effective interaction)
  • Online-Seminar: The virtual seminar on "Intercultural Management" is a two-week online course that will lead students through a discussion of various aspects with an emphasis on cultural patterns in management processes. The seminar will offer an opportunity to discuss various Harvardcases and relevant intercultural experiences presented by the students themselves.

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