Intercultural Management

Improve your competencies in intercultural communication - certified by a Certificate of Advanced Studies!

Intercultural Management

Improve your competencies in intercultural communication - certified by a Certificate of Advanced Studies!

Intercultural Management

Intercultural Management Competencies with a Focus on Responsibility and Sustainability


Global companies today need culturally competent people able to deal with dynamic, multifaceted contexts. However, stakeholders are also demanding more social responsibility, leading to the need for thoughtful, long-term, and conscientious decision-makers. This certificate meets both of these requirements by offering you training that combines cultural theory with good management practices. This course is conducted in English (level B2 required).

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Teilnahmevoraussetzungen This course is conducted in English (level B2 required).
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Aims and Content

Do you want to dramatically improve your intercultural communication? In this course, you will develop a strong awareness of different cultural perspectives and values, and how these are communicated in everyday interactions. You will better understand your own cultural background and its influence on your success with others.

In the course, we will discuss principles of intercultural interaction from different perspectives, as well as the major research trends in the field. We will address specific problem-solving skills that you need in your own workplace, and we will provide you with specially designed practice in solving intercultural issues. The format of the course includes expert feedback and extensive discussion opportunities for an individually-tailored approach.


Intercultural Communication:
Introduction to Communication, Theoretical frameworks, Verbal communication, Non-verbal communication, Terminology and usage, Gesture and body language, Cultural parameters and patterns, Models of Intercultural Communication, Overview of models, Using models in active research, Critique of models

Intercultural Management:
Terms, concepts, and limitations, Ethical considerations, Cultural variation in communication, Communication at work, Metaculture, Codeswitching, Lingua franca and usage, Cultural dominance through communication, Negotiating power through communication

Successful Intercultural Communication:
Series of case studies and analysis designed, to elicit strong comprehension and application, of theoretical material covered, Problem solving skills and ability to generate, creative solutions

Online Seminar: Intercultural Management

  • Online 2-week discussion of course content with an experienced cultural moderator to help prepare students for the exam
  • Discussions focused and detail-oriented; includes analysis of various real-life dialogues, cases, and anecdotes
  • Students complete an original action plan in the online seminar that seeks to enhance their practica application of materials learne
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