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Responsible Management

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The Future of Business: Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Money is no longer the only bottom line in business today. This university course is designed to discuss the important issues facing global companies as they seek to increase their sustainability and effectiveness. Being socially responsible has become a critical component of good management training. We will provide you with best practice ideas, along with legal and ethical behaviors which you can use in your management career, so you will not only thrive in the corporate world but also make a meaningful impact on society and the environment.
Furthermore, being an aware and responsible player in today’s business requires a good intercultural competence. Cultural understanding and ethical responsibility are intertwined in complex ways. A rounded understanding of either construct requires a solid knowledge of both, which you will gain in this course.

This class requires the participation of a 14-day online seminar. The online seminar is designed to be very flexible: you can choose what time every day to login and participate, but in order to pass, participation is required daily. So please make sure that you are in a position to take the seminar.


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Dieser Hochschulkurs umfasst 10 Credits und schließt mit einem Hochschulzertifikat der Euro-FH ab.


6 Monate

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14-tägiges Online-Seminar (14-day online seminar)

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This course is presented in English.

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Lernziele & Inhalte

Gaining top Knowledge on Responsible Management

You will learn what it means to be a global manager, and how you are held to a higher standard as you make decisions, since these decisions will not only affect your company but also the full spectrum of stakeholders, including the environment, the culture(s) involved, and society. This is the essence of responsible management, and in this university course we address some of the important issues that will help you in making those decisions. The scope of the course thus includes not only ethical and corporate social responsibility, but also cultural components and effective cultural interaction. It is our hope that the integration of cultural factors into our daily interaction will lead to increased awareness and a heightened sensitivity in business practices, which ultimately affect our quality of life.

Auszüge aus den Lerninhalten:

Business Ethics

  • Historical development of business ethics
  • Current approaches to business ethics
  • Triple bottom line and CRS

Intercultural Management

  • Intercultural Communication – what is it and how does it work
  • Intercultural Competence and Ability – development and challenges
  • Intercultural Management – working in a globalized environment
  • Intercultural Communication and Management Online Seminar (discussions with a professional intercultural expert) – problem-solving and creating solutions for real-life situations


Certificate of Advanced Studies with 10 credits

Your university certificate

Once you have successfully completed the 3 send-in exercises, you will receive your certificate of completion.

Certificate of Advanced Studies with 10 credits - Accreditation for further studies

Once you have successfully completed the 2 send-in exercises and the 14-day online seminar with a final send-in presentation, you will receive your certificate of completion with 10 Credits. If successfully completed, this course can be credited to any Bachelor’s program which requires it.

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